Synthesis, identification and thermal study of some new inorganic polymers based on bis-dithiocarbamate ligands with silicone, tellurium and some transition metals

  • H M Nasir
  • T.A Saki
  • M Y Al-Luaibi
Keywords: bis-Dithiocarbamate ligands, Epoxy resins, Si, Te, Inorganic polymer


Introduction: In recent years, there has been considerable interest  in dithiocarbamate complexes because of its diverse biological roles, very few reports have been made on polymeric bis- dithiocarbamate compounds with carbon chain of  n-propyl or hexamethelene with transition metals in addition of  the absence of any report of  organosilicone or tellurium halides with such compounds Our interest in this report based on the preparation of   new series of polymers with an  expected activity  as a  fungi side compounds followed by the using  of prepared amino compound  as a hardners for epoxy paints Materials and Methods: A new polymers of the general structures –(MS2CNH(CH2)6NHCS2M-)n where [M= Cu, Cd, Mn and Zn] and –(M(R)2S2CNH(CH2)nNHCS2MR2-)m    where       [M= Si, R=CH3 , n= 2 ,3 and 6 ; M=Te , R= Br , n= 2 ,3 and 6 ; M=Co, Ni  R=Cl ; n= 6] have been  prepared by reaction of  MX2 where M= Ni ,Co, Cd , Mn or Zn , X= Cl  ; M=Cu , X= SO4  , and dimethyl dichloro silane, tellurium tetrabromide with the corresponding  sodium salts of  bis-dithiocarbamate ligands. Results and Discussion: Dimethyldichloro silane is a very sensitive material to O-H group, in addition to that, TeBr4  decomposed rapidly in water so, a series solvents may be useful with such  sensitive chemicals to water , in the other hand,  dithiocarbamate ligands which is usually prepared in aqueous and alcoholic solution , must be prepared and isolated carefully  to apply the other steps of synthesis using  a chloroform solution as a solvent. It seems for the first view for dithiocarbamato ligands it may act as a bi dentate ligands using two sulphur donating atoms that is clearly appeared in common complexes such as diethyl dithiocarbamato or pipyridyl, morpholino  dithiocarbamato with representation metal elements,  even in such type of elements a sulfur bridges may formed. In this study, it showed clearly that Zinc and Cadimium polymers are diamagnetic polymers that is mean that these polymers are with oxidation state equal to (II) and a tetrahedral configuration Conclusions: The study showed that the new silicone polymers act as a stable polymers compared with others. All new polymers are of a high stability with large values of char contain compared with commercial epoxy. Among silicone polymers, the polymer with carbon chain equal to 3 is more stable than that with 2 carbon atoms while the silicone polymer with 6 carbon atoms is the less stable one, may thermal treatment caused decomposition combined.


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