Examining the horizontal displacement of diaphragm wall embraced by strut affected by piled foundations adjacent to urban deep excavations

  • Alireza Darvishpour Department of Civil Engineering, Robatkarim Branch, Islamic Azad University, Robatkarim, Iran
  • Amirmohammad Amiri Department of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, university of Lorestan, Iran
  • Asadollah Ranjbar Department of Civil Engineering, East Tehran Branch, Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran


Utilizing the piled foundation is extremely important and applicable in the civil and geotechnical engineering due to the improvement in the bearing capacity. Employing urban deep excavations, on the other hand, is inevitable and examining the effect of the pile group is significantly vital due to the nearness of adjacent structures. In this research, the effect of the pile group foundation on the diaphragm wall embraced with struts in urban deep excavations is examined using two-dimensional numerical modeling. The results obtained from modeling show that the horizontal distance between the foundation and the excavation edge and also the pile length can significantly affect the horizontal displacement of the wall and the moment diagram imposed on the wall, so that the effect of the foundation on the wall is considerably reduced for the distance greater than a certain value.


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Darvishpour , A., Amiri , A., & Ranjbar , A. (2019). Examining the horizontal displacement of diaphragm wall embraced by strut affected by piled foundations adjacent to urban deep excavations. Revista Innovaciencia , 7(2). https://doi.org/10.15649/2346075X.761
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