Design and simulation of a conical rotor axial -radial flux permanent magnet generator of power 1.1kW for micro wind turbines

  • Shiva Nourifard Student at Material and Energy research center, Karaj, Iran
  • Seyyed Hasheminejad Professor at Material and Energy research center, Karaj, Iran
  • Majid Jami Professor at Material and Energy research center, Karaj, Iran


In this study, design, design calculations and simulation of a permanent magnet generator, which includes two sections of radial and axial flux, are discussed. The output power from the generator is 1.1 kilowatt. In the design of the generator, a cone-shaped structure with a 90-degree cone angle of 45 degrees from the sides is used for the rotor. In order to compare the various structures of the synchronous generator, and given that today, permanent magnet generators have been considered with regard to features such as lower weight, higher yields and higher power density than other conventional generators. A finite element analysis of the generator developed in Maxwell software. In the radial flux section, the generator includes a conical rotor and a cone stator. The windings on the external stator are trapezoidal and are located in stator racks. The finite element analysis of the generator confirms that permanent magnet magnets designed on the inner rotor have provided a magnetic flux equal to 1.2 Tesla in the air gap between the generator and the winding of the stator. The rotor magnetic field analysis, rotor magnetic field strength, magnetic field intensity, and magnetic field density at a speed of 500 rpm for cone structure have been performed. In the axial flux section, the generator consists of two rotors and a grooved stator, which is obtained by simulating a 1.1 kW power with a sinusoidal three-phase voltage. Two sections of radial flux with a cone-shaped rotor and axial flux side by side make up the generator.


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Nourifard, S., Hasheminejad, S., & Jami, M. (2019). Design and simulation of a conical rotor axial -radial flux permanent magnet generator of power 1.1kW for micro wind turbines. Revista Innovaciencia , 7(2).
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