Investigación sobre la ilustración en publicidad urbana y su papel en la imagen de la ciudad

  • Hanieh Eshaghzadeh Torbati University of Bojnord
Palabras clave: Environmental graphic, Illustration, Urban advertising, Advertising Illustration, City image


Illustration is a method used by graphic designers. Urban advertising is a subfield of environmental advertising (both of them are in environmental graphic) that in addition to the aspect of advertising, can affect on other aspects of city image. Indeed advertising illustration is generally an activity that an image is designed to advertise a product or special commodity. If this image located in the environment of city, becomes a part of urban advertising, and regarding to that today advertising exists everywhere. If the planning and management are not done properly in this regard, then it not only has a negative effect but also unintentionally causes to anarchy and lack of peace and comfort of residents. We aim to investigate on illustration in urban advertising and its role in city's image. Finally the article shows that the illustration on urban advertising is a method that can successfully act in regard to advertising and have a positive impact on urban image. Indeed attention and focus to the common aim should be considered.

Biografía del autor/a

Hanieh Eshaghzadeh Torbati, University of Bojnord

Academic Staff of Department of Visual Communication, Faculty of Art, University of Bojnord, North Khorasan, Iran


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