Actual questions of ecological and urban planning zones of the regions for the formation of territorial and industrial complexes (TIC)


  • Gaukhar Sadvakasova Kazakh Head Architectural and Construction Academy


Palabras clave:

Ecological and Urban Planning Conditions, Territorial and Industrial Complex, Living Conditions, Settlement System, Landscape Conditions


Introduction: In the context of accelerated development of production, which is typical for the rapidly developing republics, which include the Republic of Kazakhstan, one of the urgent problems is the creation of favorable living conditions of the population. Materials and Methods: Among a wide range of questions necessary for solution of this problem in the Republic of Kazakhstan the sanitary-hygienic and ecological comfort of living of the population, and also, preservation of the natural environment become of special, in many aspects the priority importance. Results and Discussion: Improvement of research skills of ecological and urban planning specifics of the formation of population systems in the areas of Kazakhstan territorial and industrial complexes and the development of effective planning techniques of functional and spatial organization at the settlement systems is an important area of research. Conclusions: The author’s research is presented in this framework.


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Sadvakasova, G. (2022). Actual questions of ecological and urban planning zones of the regions for the formation of territorial and industrial complexes (TIC) . Innovaciencia, 10(1), 1–15.






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