Smart parking management using the internet of things

  • Hadi Ghahremani Department Of Computer Engineering, Tabriz Branch, Islamic Azad University, Tabriz , Iran
  • Taghipour Eivazi Department Of Computer Engineering, Tabriz Branch , Islamic Azad University , Tabriz , Iran
  • Amir Aghaei Anvigh Department Of Information Technology, Tabriz Branch, Islamic Azad University, Tabriz, Iran


The main requirement of smart cities is intelligent and effective parking system, which currently most parking systems exist based on various technologies such as Internet of Things, so intelligent parking management is gradually becoming a necessity. Hence in this article a new manner is introduced in the form of prioritization, which alters the type of prioritization than the previous methods, so that the different parameters such as the distance between parking lots, distance between vehicle and a parking lot, number of free parking spaces in the destination parking lot, number of unsuccessful parks, and the number of parking lot visits are considered, and in general a system is recommended that helps drivers to find a parking lot with the minimum cost based on the aforesaid parameters. The simulation of proposed approach performed in Arena application and the results of the simulation and its comparison with the previous works suggest that the proposed method results in the better decrease of the waiting time than the existing waiting time in the previous works and contributes to minimize drivers waiting time.


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Ghahremani, H., Eivazi, T., & Anvigh, A. A. (2019). Smart parking management using the internet of things. Revista Innovaciencia , 7(2).
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