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Editorial Scope and Policies

Cuidarte Journal is an open-access international scientific publication, mediated by external peers.  We are a Journal that disclosures scientific knowledge of nursing and other health sciences by means of the research articles publication, systematic reviews and meta-analysis involving topics of interest that promote the generation of new knowledge and they are useful for the solution of problems in the proposed topic. Occasionally you will receive writings whose reflections contribute to the articulation of theory with practice. Manuscripts submitted should not have been previously sent to other publications (electronic or printed). The content of the articles must meet the criteria of originality, novelty, and methodology.

The journal is aimed at Researchers and Professionals of Nursing and Health Sciences.

Cuidarte Journal receives unpublished articles in Spanish, English, and Portuguese for online submission. All manuscripts submitted for its publication are initially evaluated by the Journal’s Editorial Board and subsequently by two peer-reviewers of national and international recognition (double blind review), who will recommend its publication or not. Then, the editor and/or the editorial board will define whether the submission is accepted or not, publishable with modifications, re-assessable or unpublishable, based on the Journal standards, the value of the article as scientific contribution and the opinion of reviewers.

The Cuidarte Journal does not charge authors any fee for submitting and/or submitting manuscripts and/or publishing articles (APC).

The Cuidarte Journal from the volume (10) of the year 2019 are keeping a continuous edition with exclusively electronic publication, grouping the manuscripts in volumes and three numbers a year these will be opened at the beginning of each semester and closed at the end of them as a form to structure and organize the content.

The Cuidarte journal in the periods of Vol. 1 (1) of 2010 until Vol.9 (2) of 2018 kept its printed version with ISSN: 2216-0973, as of Vol. 9 (3) of 2018 maintains a publication purely electronic with E-ISSN: 2346-3414.

Edited in Bucaramanga, Santander, Colombia. This Journal follows the recommendations by the Committee on Publishing Ethics (COPE) about best practices in publication ethics.

Guide for authors

If you want to submit a new article, you must register with our Journal to proceed. If you are already registered, simply identify yourself using your username and login. If you have any trouble doing this, please notify it to Cuidarte Journal publishes unpublished articles in Spanish, Portuguese, and English on topics of interest for Nursing and Health Sciences that promote the generation of new knowledge, may be useful for addressing health issues, and have not been previously sent to other publications (electronic or printed). Content of the articles must meet the criteria of originality, novelty, and methodology. Each article of the Journal will be published exclusively in digital version in the Cuidarte Journal website as well as in the repositories and databases where the Journal is indexed. Opinions expressed by authors are their sole responsibility and do not represent the policies of our Journal.

  • Guidelines for manuscript publication
  • Preparation and presentation of articles
  • Article structure
  • Journal Sections and Article Types: Guidelines and recommendations for the preparation, submission, edition and publication of the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE).

Research and Innovation Articles. As a result of research process, the document presents an original and unpublished production. Under no circumstances, contributions such as publications not derived from research, abstracts, communications or conferences, book reviews, news, or translations of articles already published in other media will be accepted as “research and innovation articles.”

Recommendations for Clinical Trials Publication. Cuidarte Journal supports the policies of the World Health Organization (WHO) and the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE) for the clinical trials registration, acknowledging the importance of these initiatives for the registration and international disclosure of information on clinical trials with open access. Therefore, Cuidarte Journal will accept for its publication only those research articles that have previously received an identification number in one of the clinical trials registrations that are validated and recognized by the criteria set forth by the WHO and ICMJE. Number or code of the clinical trial registration should be included at the end of the article abstract on the second page.

Systematic Review Articles. These are systematic reviews of scientific literature, referred to detailed, selective, and critical studies that analyze essential information of the primary research studies on a specific health problem in order to report its advances and development tendencies. It is characterized by a careful analysis based on a structured bibliographic review, applying quality and evaluation criteria to the selected articles. It is different from a meta-analysis article, in which authors present a reasonable synthesis with a statistical analysis of the results found in the studies. Relevant bibliography is extensively reviewed and examined, placing it in certain perspective, and then presents its trends and advances. In both cases, a rigorous and extensive bibliographic review is involved.

  • In the case of Systematic Reviews, the PRISMA Statement should be followed. 

Case Reports. Review and presentation of cases of interest for nursing and health sciences are presented here. It also includes a review and presentation of similar cases.

Letter to the Editor. Critical, analytical, or interpretative positions about documents published in the Journal, that in the opinion of the Editorial Board, constitute an important contribution to the topic discussion by the scientific reference community.

Journal Editorial. Document written either by the Editor, a member of the Editorial Board or an invited researcher about topics of current and scientific interest and/or orientation in the thematic domain of the journal.

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Peer review process

The evaluating peers of each article in the evaluation instrument must declare any conflict of interest that may have occurred before accepting participation in the process.

Every article received for submission will be initially reviewed by the Editorial Board, who will verify that the criteria required in the Guide for Authors have been completely met. In case of non-compliance with any of these requirements, the author will be notified, and relevant adjustments will be allowed or requested on a case-by-case basis.

After this evaluation, starting with volume 9 (3), according to the adjustments of our editorial policies, there was an increase in the number of external peer evaluators, who are specialists in the subject and with a research trajectory. The identity of authors will not be revealed to evaluators nor their identity to the first ones (double-blind review). Later peer review concepts are received to know whether they recommend or not its publication. Finally, the editor and/or the editorial board will define whether the submission is accepted or not, publishable with modifications, re-assessable or unpublishable, based on the Journal standards, the value of the article as a scientific contribution and the opinion of reviewers. In case of controversy between the concepts of the two external evaluators, the editor will request a third evaluation in order to break the opinion of the arbitrators.

The main author will then be informed of the decision taken by the Editor-in-Chief of the journal and the comments of the evaluators. Once the author receives the comments from evaluators, he or she should correct and/or modify the text, if required. Cuidarte Journal reserves the right to make changes in the text of articles in order to improve writing and edition of the documents, when absolutely necessary.

Summaries, titles and keywords of the accepted manuscripts will be translated into English and Portuguese if their original language is Spanish; those in Portuguese will be translated into Spanish and English, and those in English will be translated into Spanish and Portuguese.

The journal uses an electronic editorial manager as a tool to control the process of assigning external evaluators, obtaining comments and verdicts through the online form. Currently uses Open Journal Systems (OJS) version 2.4.8.

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Open access policy

This Journal provides immediate open access to its content on the principle of support and exchange of knowledge.

Journal Cuidarte, scientific publication of open access, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY-NC), which permits use, distribution and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited and is not used for commercial purposes.

Continuous publication

Due to advances in the editorial processes, the Cuidarte Journal will adopt the continuous publication model from 2019 onwards, grouping manuscripts in volumes and three issue numbers per year. These will be opened and closed at the beginning and end of each four-month period to structure and organize contents.

Thus, articles are included in a continuous block-wise flow insomuch as these are ready for publication. This means that only those articles that completed the evaluation and review process of the Journal will be published, meeting the quality standards required for authors and the evaluation times of articles given to evaluators.

The identification system for volume and issue number will remain unchanged, which includes an identifier number of each article preceded by the letter “e” and followed by a sequential number that identifies the article in the consecutive number of the journal. Pagination of articles starts with the number 1 on the first page of each article and ends with the number of pages of the article. DOI assignment will remain unchanged for all manuscripts.

Statement of originality and authorship

The author of this article: (provide article title) hereby certifies that the publication corresponds to unpublished material, being an intellectual production in which each and every of its elements respond to the standardization adopted by the Journal.

The document is copyright-free, and we ensure that there is not any conflict of interest. In case of a related questioning, the responsibility will be assumed by the author and we exonerate the Universidad de Santander UDES Bucaramanga - Colombia from any responsibility.

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CrossMark Policies

The Cuidarte Journal recognizes the importance of maintaining the integrity of academic records for researchers and libraries, so it ensures that your electronic file always has reliable content. By clicking on the CrossMark icon, the reader is informed about the current status of the document, as well as additional information about the publication history of the document. The contents that show the CrossMark icon are those contents published on the website of the current or future Journal.

For more information visit CrossMark

Editorial process

From the reception of the manuscript, Cuidarte Journal implements standardized editorial processes and integral quality assurance procedures. All articles, except for the journal editorial or book review, are subjected to a prior strict review, that once completed, can lead to a peer review and editorial decision. Controls keep being applied until 15 days after the article was published.

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Ethical principles of publication

Cuidarte Journal encourages good practices based on ethical standards of publication among all collaborators, following the recommendations of the Committee on Publication Ethics - COPE and Publication Ethical Guidelines of Academy Publisher and Elsevier.

Therefore, we promote the utmost rigor in the course of evaluation and publication process; we follow the fundamentals of exemplary ethical behavior of all parties involved in the publication process: author, journal editor, reviewer and publisher.

In Cuidarte Journal, all submitted articles are evaluated and published based on their merits and scientific contribution, ensuring that the most appropriate practices are followed in each step of the publication process.

The Cuidarte Journal makes a revision of the manuscripts to detect plagiarism using the tool iThenticate: Plagiarism Detection Software.

To access the entire document of ethical principles of the Cuidarte Journal.

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Rejection criteria

A manuscript will be rejected in any of the phases of the Editorial Process if it meets one or more of the following criteria.

  1. The theme is not included within the scope declared by the Journal in its editorial policy.
  2. The manuscript does not meet the standards stipulated in instructions to the authors.
  3. Percentage of similarity over 20% the Cuidarte Journal uses the ithenticate Software as a policy of Control of Plagiarism.
  4. Serious writing problems.
  5. Deficiency in methodological quality, data analysis and discussion of the publication.
  6. Lack of coherence in the initial approach and the results presented.
  7. Identification of some of the ethical faults contemplated for scientific publications.
  8. Little bibliographic support.


This Journal  is funded by the University of Santander - UDES